The original imagery was created by @letshavesomebeershow and posted to Instagram. He clarified that this was public domain language/imagery, but that any commercial sale should benefit charity.  Please respect this.

We took the idea and ran with it. A slight redesign makes it a little more legible at typical sticker size. Our tests used 4×4 inch stickers viewed at 10 feet.

This is a 2400×2400 16-bit PNG, which will yield a 600dpi 4×4 sticker. (click on it!)

The graphic itself is provided in a variety of formats (below) or is easily recreated. The text is full-justified white on black using the Segoe UI Black font, 36pt top (“I don’t”) and ~26pt for the #blacklivesmatter hashtag at the bottom.   If you are using a commercial printer, pay attention to their guidance on margins and whitespace.

If you’re in the Seattle metro area, consider picking one up at one of the local retailers that have them.  If they’re out, why don’t you order some replacements and leave a stack with them?

Ordering From Sticker Companies

We’ve included templates for a few popular sticker production companies.  This is the quickest and easiest way to stock or restock a retailer (or make a bunch for your friends).  We have no connection with any of these companies – they’re just com on the internet.

If you make a template in another format or for another printing company, please let us know!

Make Them Yourself

The larger 6×6 window-style stickers were produced on a Graphtec CE7000.  The raw imagery, Graphtec Studio Pro files and naked vector files might be of use to someone looking to re-create the project on a vinyl cutter, mill, or other CNC equipment.

If you do something cool with this, please share that with us!